Disruptive, AgentSpécial's Strate-of-the-art collection

Playing with symmetries and geometrical shapes, Glam designs are inspired by architectural lines and structured patterns.

Influenced by artists and designers such as Brent Hallard or Piet Mondrian, who himself inspired Haute Couture like Yves Saint Laurent's iconic collection of the same name.

The stake was to create striking minimalist and disruptive woven designs in vibrant monochrome or tone-on-tone colors.

A well accomplished technical and artistic feat particularly outstanding on our straight woven bags. Our masterpieces take all their magnitude on our maxi size bags.

Powerful and captivating, our Glam designs reveal your character and upraise your style.

To learn more about our responsible brand, the Doypack©, and our upcycling process, visit our ABOUT US page.

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Les commandes passées entre le 7 et le 12 Juillet seront expédiées le 13 Juillet

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