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Virginie Senftle founded AgentSpécial in 2016 with the aim of offering trendy, responsible and unique accessories entirely handmade.

While living 4 years in the Philippines Virginie has developed a collaboration with EcoVie Philippines, who has been hand-weaving various upcycled materials for more than 12 years and launched "Les Tressés" a line of upcycled and hand made fashion and decoration accessories

From bags to pouches, placemats to floor mats and baskets of all sizes AgentSpécial offers a wide range of lifestyle accessories repurposed from production overruns, print rejects and leftovers of packaging material rolls: The Doypack®.

Designed in Switzerland and Made in The Philippines Virginie creates patterns and color assortments, develops collections and new accessories From the Geneva office that are then woven by the expert hands of Filipino craftsmen and women on Cebu Island.

The Doypack® is a packaging material primarily developed for the food and beverage industry. Extremely robust due to its components and its preservation characteristics. It is resistant to temperature variation, water and sun.

Rolls destined for landfill are collected, cut, folded, sorted by color and hand woven in one piece in the same manner as with the basket-making process.

Giving new life to wasted materials that are non-biodegradable, AgentSpécial creates accessories that are 100% upcycled, 100% hand made and 100% unique in pattern and colors.

Download HERE our lookbook and HERE our Lifestyle pictures library