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AgentSpécial creates more than just bags and accessories; it imagines unique, eco-friendly pieces in both new and irresistible designs and colours.

Like works of art, handwoven from upcycled food packaging roll offcuts, Les “Tressés” give new life to Doypack©, a material at the antithesis of luxury and fashion, and yet...

Born out of chance in the Philippines, our history is marked by encounters, sharing and passion.

Our quest? 

Revolutionise fashion by taking upcycling and weaving the next level.

Challenge existing codes and shake up trends by introducing a whole new vogue to the Fashion world.

Tackle the idea that upcycling is not just a responsible concept. Prove that it is possible to turn it into something beautiful, spectacular and grandiose.

Pay tribute to weaving, its splendour and style, featuring colours and graphics that are as avant-garde as they are unusual. The expression of our inspirations is constantly guided by excellence and aesthetic research, which add a significant complexity to the creation of each piece.

A pioneer in upcycled artistic weaving, AgentSpécial is entirely based on the circular economy concept combining high standards and quality, tradition and innovation, creativity and passion, as well as the transmission of know-how.

Our responsible commitment is total: 100% sustainable, 100% ethical, 100% handmade, 100% upcycled, 100% vegan, 100% exclusive.

A new definition of luxury? It looks like it.

From upcycling to creation

Each of our creations is entirely handwoven from Doypack© roll offcuts, which we upcycle. You know, the shiny colourful plastic-coated aluminium packaging used for your fruit juices and purees: well, that’s it!

Why Doypack©? it is both soft and strong, light and water-repellent, washable and wear resistant.

Depending on the offcuts we collect and their colours, we put our creativity to the test to innovate and create pieces with exceptional designs.

Models, patterns and combinations of shades are thought out in a perpetual aesthetic research, from cutting to folding, including the sewing of seams and of course the weaving itself. A famous technique where we let our weavers work their magic and put their very soul into each work of art.

Pep, dazzle, beauty... an extra touch of soul! 

Like an irrepressible desire to surprise you... like a talisman adapted to your life and your desires, our designs are like you and reflect our identity: radiant, sparkling and vibrant, always in search of the perfect balance to sublimate your daily life.

Whether you are a "working girl", a fashionista, a sporty or glamourous woman, sometimes curious, often passionate, resolutely determined and always authentic, you are, like our weavings, absolutely unique!

Designed in Switzerland
Handwoven with passion and pride by our magic hands in The Philippines


Virginie, a career in logistics, a world at the antipodes of fashion, was one day expatriated to the Philippines.

She immersed herself in this hitherto unknown culture. She was surprised and then seduced by the creative artisanal talents, in particular the weaving technique; an ancestral know-how which tends to disappear with the new generations. Less glamorous but just as real, the cruel lack of awareness of how to sort and process waste makes a deep impression on her.

Thus originated the idea to revolutionize the art of weaving from unused material intended for destruction. A desire to create unique pieces with spectacular and striking patterns and colours.

This is how in 2016, with a little luck and a lot of passion, AgentSpécial and its first weavings were born.



It is the act of recovering materials or products that are no longer used in order to transform them into qualitative and useful products with greater added value.

The principle of upcycling is to give new life and greater value to an object or material far away from its primary use.

Therefore, the concept of added value brought to the final product is taken into account, unlike traditional recycling, for which the recycled product will a priori have a lower quality or, at most, equal to the original product or material.

One of the primary benefits of upcycling is its positive impact on the environment.

With the principle being to reuse, we avoid creating new products. This saves grey energy and raw materials used in every manufacturing process. Upcycling is part of the broader movement in favour of a circular economy and reuse.

In addition to the ecological benefits of reuse, upcycling provides the opportunity to create and recreate unique objects.


This is not "just about weaving"

"The challenge is not only to repurpose the material from its primary function, but also to design aesthetical styles, patterns and color assortments.

Creating captivating patterns, matching and assorting colors depending on the unused rolls we collect is a real challenge as we have to work with what we get.

The preparation phase is long and complex as it involves the color selection and assembly as well as pattern design to be performed for each accessory before starting the weaving process."  

Designed in Switzerland
Proudly Hand Made by Magic Hands in The Philippines



* Photo credits : Stéphanie Page

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