Happy Packs

Buy 1 happy Pack = Support 3 families

Our 90 Filipino artisans are also confined since March 15 and almost at a standstill. 

We distribute to each of our artisans and their families "Happy Packs" containing basic necessities.

A Happy Pack provides a family of 6 first necessity food and hygiene needs.

We also distribute what we have left of material to maintain an activity and a minimum income... but stocks are getting low.

For 1 Happy Pack purchased, we add 2 more.

In summary when you buy 1 Happy Pack you support 3 families.

1 Happy Pack purchased = 3 packs distributed

= 3 families sponsored

We will inform each donor of our  Happy Packs distribution

Thanks a million for supporting our "magic hands" making Les Tressés with love and pride.

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Les commandes passées entre le 7 et le 12 Juillet seront expédiées le 13 Juillet

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