Free and dashing, for all women of character 

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, people "to be avoided", such as prisoners and other nonconformists like buffoons, were given striped uniforms? The human eye, used to solid colors, could thus quickly identify troublemakers thanks to their stripy attire.

Stripes have now became widely common and trendy. A timeless standard in fashion and design still making those who wear them visible.

Powerful and shimmering on a tiger's coat, strict and patriotic on a flag, fiery and dashing on a zebra, free and proud like a sailor or soft and fruity on candy cane, they never cease to inspire...and we haven't escaped it. 

Handwoven stripes woven out of upcycled packaging rolls, are a true and new innovation in responsible fashion world.

Horizontal, vertical and sometimes in combo, we weaved them in many striking colors to sublime your style whether elegant or casual.

To match or contrast with your outfits, you’ll never go out of style with our stunning and forever trendy Stripes collection!

To learn more about our responsible brand, the Doypack©, and our upcycling process, visit our ABOUT US page.

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